Easy Does It Relationship Guide for People in Recovery

Drama-free, Step-friendly advice on attaining, maintaining, and sustaining a committed relationship

Softcover, 176 pp.

Author: Mary Faulkner

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When one or both partners are in recovery from addiction, some extra insight about relationships can make all the difference. With a light touch, therapist Mary Faulkner shows you how to build a healthier, happier, closer relationship.

What five topics spark most disagreements-and how can you manage them wisely?

Your inner child, parent, and rebel: are they gifts, pitfalls, or both?

Which of the three classic "relationship styles" fits you best?

The mystery of gender: how can you honor your differences-and deepen your sex life?

Real couples tell their own stories, and simple exercises open the door to greater awareness. Readers who found practical wisdom in Faulkner's Easy Does It Dating Guide will find their new needs met in this book.

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