Aging & Addiction

Helping Older Adults Overcome Alcohol or Medication Dependence - Softcover, 232 pages
HZ 1961
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Addiction among older adults is a hidden and hushed problem. Signs and symptoms of alcohol or medication abuse can easily be mistaken for conditions related to aging. And even when friends or family members recognize signs of addiction, they often discount the need for intervention or treatment. With an estimated three million older Americans struggling with alcohol and drug misuse and abuse, Aging and Addiction is a much-needed recovery resource. The authors Carol Colleran and Debra Jay, both experts in the field of addiction treatment and intervention, provide a respectful, definitive guide for recognizing and addressing substance abuse among older adults. Key topics include: understanding the relationship between aging and addiction, finding help for a loved one, and recognizing the treatment needs of older adults. Key features and benefits: - authors are widely recognized experts in the field of addiction - addresses one of the nation's most underestimated, under treated health problems - provides how-to-help information for family members and friends

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