The 12 Step Prayer Book Meditations

The 12 Step Prayer Book Meditations

Authors: Bill P & Lisa D.


Pages : 404

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From Bill P., the author of the recovery classics Easy Does It and Drop the Rock, and Lisa D., comes this cherished set of prayers, now presented for the first time as part of Hazelden's beloved series of daily readings. Bookended by morning and nightly prayers, this new edition now provides prayers and readings based on themes related to each Step. Regardless of your religious affiliation or a lack thereof, prayer houses infinite power: it is the spiritual language of the unified human experience. In a modern approach to prayer and meditation, The 12 Step Prayer Book utilizes sources from across the world to support your recovery. Treatment, counseling, and other forms of therapy are unquestionably necessary for sobriety. They are, however, finite. Once they end, what becomes our source of hope, strength, and wisdom? Twelve Step recovery demands continuous spiritual growth, and spiritual growth demands a Higher Power. Our faith needn't be perfect, but it must be present. Through prayer and daily connection with the spiritual, our hearts remain full and open to the life recovery promises. *Includes all of Volumes 1 and 2.

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