How to Get Successful by F***** Up Your Life

How to Get Successful by F***** Up Your Life

Author: Anna David


pages: 179

disk isbn:123457890-5
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She grew up in an affluent community and came from a family that prioritized SAT scores, Harvard attendance and high-paying jobs.

The problem was, she had low SAT scores, was rejected by Harvard and spent her early life feeling like the family's great disappointment.

Concluding that success was not for her, Anna focused her energies on an area where she excelled: drugs, alcohol and general mayhem. Washing ashore on the beaches of recovery at the age of 30, she begrudgingly entered a world of sobriety. That's when she discovered that there were all sorts of ways to define success- and what's more, that it was never too late to find out.

The stories in this collection document her journey from self-indulgent party girl to sober and only self-indulgent woman. By turns hilarious and touching, disturbing and ridiculous. How to Get Successful by F***** Up Your Life proves that you truly can f*** up your way to the top.

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