Looking for Work, Participant Workbook

Looking for Work, Participant Workbook

Paperback Workbook, 37 pages
HZ 7015
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Understanding and practicing daily living skills can be crucial to the success of clients making significant life transitions. Hazelden Publishing’s Living Skills program is designed to provide the tools necessary to live a healthy, fulfilling life while meeting the needs of today’s diverse client population. This program is ideal for a variety of settings, including addiction treatment centers, mental health settings, educational settings, and criminal justice settings. 

Looking for Work, part of the Practical Guidance segment of Living Skills, helps clients identify personally fulfilling career paths, gets them on track to attaining a job, and shows them skills needed to keep it. 

The exercises and information found in the workbooks help individual participants revisit what they learned during the facilitated sessions, while also diving deeper to apply the concepts to their own lives. The learners complete the workbook on their own, either in session or as take-home work. 

The four sessions of this program include:Session 1: Identifying the Job You Want
Session 2: Getting a Job
Session 3: Keeping Your Job
Session 4: Building a Career

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