Fearless Relationships

Fearless Relationships

Tending our relationships is our highest calling as human beings, says Karen Casey. All of our relationships "with loved ones, coworkers, neighbors, and even strangers" provide opportunities for us to not only enrich our lives but also to create a more nurturing world. Drawing from her own life experiences and lessons learned the hard way, Casey offers wise counsel about what helps and what hinders relationships. Her insights are at once familiar and revealing, reminding us of simple truths we inherently know but need to rediscover for ourselves again and again.Key features and benefits

Casey's books are known by millions interested in personal growth
each essay explores one simple relationship rule
ideal for anyone interested in strengthening relationships
About the author-
Millions of people around the world spend a little time with a Karen Casey personal growth book every day. She is the best-selling author of numerous self-help and recovery books, including the classic Each Day a New Beginning. Karen enjoys golf and riding her Harley-Davidson with her husband. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Naples, Florida.

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Fearless Relationships
Simple Rules for Lifelong Contentment
Softcover, 152 pp.
Author: Karen Casey

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