Attract Health Meditation Guide

Attract Health Meditation Guide

Each rock comes with guided meditation package/instructions. Access to a free meditation App is included with purchase. Invest just 10 minutes of your day to find a more happy you.

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Everyone has something they would like to change in their life, but often they get stuck or just donít know how to make the change. grokrocks and grokmeditations were created as quick, simple and effective tools to help anyone and everyone create the change they are looking for. grokrocks are healing crystals specifically chosen to help shift energy and drive change. Our energetic state is what determines the reality in which we live. Energetically, we are impacted by both external and internal forces. Each grokrock serves as our own personal positive energetic stimulator, harmonizing and redirecting our energy, and setting the stage for us to make our needed change. grokmeditations are simple and quick (most are less than 10 minutes) guided meditations that will relax the mind, release blocked energy and redirect our thoughts, allowing for personal growth and change. Since our thoughts create the energy that determines the reality in which we live, to create change we must alter the way we think. Each grokmeditation is specifically paired with a grokrock to accelerate this transformative process.

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