You Need Help!

A Step-by-Step Plan to Convince a Loved One to Get Counseling
Softcover, 280 pp.
Author: Mark S. Komrad, M.D
HZ 3841
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Through a rich combination of user-friendly tools and real-life stories, Mark S. Komrad, M.D., offers you step-by-step guidance and support as you take the courageous step of helping a friend who might not even recognize that he or she is in need. He guides you in developing a strong course of action, starting by determining when professional help is needed, then moving through the steps of picking the right time, making the first approach, gathering allies, selecting the right professional, and supporting your loved ones as they go through the necessary therapeutic process to resolve their problems. Included are scripts based on Komrad's work with his own patients, designed to help you anticipate next steps and arm you with the tools to respond constructively and compassionately.

You will also find guidance and information you need to understand mental illness and get past the stigma still associated with it, so that you can engage and support your loved ones with insight and compassion in their journey toward emotional stability and health.

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