Sterling Silver the Lord's Prayer Doxology Mobius Pendant

for thine is the KINGDOM,
and the POWER,
and the GLORY,
for ever and ever

18" cable chain
1" long, 1" wide

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The English word doxology originates in the Greek, doxologia; doxa meaning glory and logos, the word. Doxologies are therefore short expressions devoted to the glory of God.
One of the most well known doxologies, is this small hymn appended to The Lord's Prayer, as it appears in some manuscripts of the Gospel of St Matthew. The version used here has been taken from the Book of Common Prayer of 1662. It has been engraved on an unusual pendant shape which by its very nature suggests the eternal - for ever and ever.
The geometric form is known as a Mobius strip, after the German mathematician August Ferdinand Mobius [1790-1868]. It represents the seeming paradox of a plane without end, or one of infinite length. The circlet will move about the chain when worn, constantly changing its appearance. Creating one shape, then another. The more one observes its seeming simplicity, the more complex it becomes. The message remains constant, the form never rests.

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