Stage 2 Relationships

Love Beyond Addiction - Softcover 128pgs
H1 ISBN:978-0-06-254808-5
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Popular author and workshop leader Earnie Larsen offers clear and practical techniques for couples and families who have faced the issue of addiction and are now striving to bring health and vitality to their relationships.

In his earlier book, Stage II Recovery, Larsen introduced the idea that making relationships work is at the heart of full recovery from addictions. In Stage II Relationships, he explores this theme in depth, offering sound advice and practical techniques for breaking unhealthy patterns of behavior that linger after sobriety has been achieved.

Larsen stresses that abstaining chemically dependent people and those who love them (co-dependents) must face together the issues of self-esteem and intimacy, the problems of everyday living, and the challenge of learning to function more capably in healthy, caring relationships.

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