Recovering Spirituality

Recovering Spirituality

Achieving Emotional Sobriety in Your Spiritual Practice Softcover, 200 pp. Author: Ingrid Mathieu, Ph.D
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Recovering Spirituality guides those in recovery in developing the awareness and skills to deal with life's issues by practicing authentic spirituality and emotional sobriety.

Spirituality is a critical aspect of the Twelve Steps and other recovery programs. Yet, for those of us disposed to addiction, it can be easy to get so caught up in the idea of our Higher Power and the abundant joys of a spiritual life that we experience "spiritual bypass"-the use of spirituality to avoid dealing with ourselves, our emotions, and our unfinished business.

In Recovering Spirituality, researcher and clinical psychologist Ingrid Mathieu uses personal stories and practical advice to teach us how to grow up emotionally and take responsibility for ourselves. Without turning away from the true benefits of an active spiritual program, she shows us how to work through life's challenges and periods of pain while evolving and maintaining an authentic relationship with our Higher Power.

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