Lifelines - A Suicide Prevention Program

Teachers manual 3 videos on 2 DVD's
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Lifelines addresses the whole school community by providing suicide awareness resources for school administrators, faculty and staff members, parents, and students. Information about suicide and the role of students in suicide prevention is presented in easy-to-follow lessons. Lifelines: A Suicide Prevention Program is a comprehensive, whole-school suicide prevention curriculum for implementation in middle school and high school. This curriculum includes a program guide, a CD-ROM (which contains reproducible handouts and other resources) and two DVDs.

Students participate in role-playing exercises that teach them what to do when faced with a suicidal peer. The exercises feature an emphasis on seeking adult help and frank discussions on the warning signs of suicide.

In the process of teaching students how to help a friend, students who may be suicidal themselves will learn the importance of getting help as well. This compelling program is an ideal component to your school's prevention programming.

The Lifelines CD-ROM contains all the handouts needed to implement the program, including resources for school administrators, faculty and staff members, parents and caregivers, and students. The CD-ROM also includes two PowerPoint presentations.

The Lifelines DVD contains two videos that are used during the student sessions.>p/> A Teen's Guide to Suicide Prevention is used in session 2. It contains scenarios showing teens how to recognize the warning signs of suicide in their peers, and how to get help for a peer who may be thinking about suicide. One Life Saved is used in session 3. This video documents the true story of a suicide intervention that occurred after three students completed the Lifelines curriculum. A bonus DVD, called Not My Kid: What Every Parent Should Know, is also included. In this DVD, created by the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide, Lifelines author Maureen Underwood and Lanny Berman, executive director for the American Association of Suicidology, answer common questions parents and caregivers have about teen suicide.

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