Journey Of Change Flip Coin

Journey Of Change Flip Coin

This Custom COIN is a tool to access your higher consciousness and to assist you in making the right decisions! It is intended to be a "COIN FLIPPING" tool to help you decide between two alternatives or choices. It assists you in awakening to your own Empowerment and Intuition. Get to know your coin so you can ask your own questions and know how to use the choices to help you get closer to your true answer.
JOC FlipCoin
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This award winning custom Coin helps access your inner knowing and guides in decision making. It is a "coin flipping" pendulum alternative. Empowerment and intuition can be awakened. Get to know your coin in order to get closer to your true answer and discover the profound results for yourself.

As a divination instrument the coin beautifully represents polarity and oppositions including the outer black and white rings.

Frame your question in search of a definite "yes or no", to "act now or wait", to "let go or hold on?" Is the situation "balance or unbalanced?". Should I move ahead during the day or night? Should I engage my "intuition or analyze" a situation?

To activate your inner knowing:
1) Hold the coin between both of your hands.
2) Say or think to yourself your full name and your birth place.
3) Visualize your question or speak it out loud.
4) Ask for your inner or higher guidance.
5) FLIP the coin and know that you are fully supported in your decision.

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