Helping Men Recover Workbook

A Man's Workbook, Special Edition for Criminal Justice System

Softcover, 10.9 x 8.5, 256 pp
Helping Men Recover addresses issues that many men struggle with, especially if they are experiencing problems with alcohol or other drugs. The program is organized into four sections, or modules: Self, Relationships, Sexuality, and Spirituality. These are four areas that men consistently identify as the triggers for relapse and the areas of greatest change in their recoveries Within the four modules, specific topics are covered, including:

Self-awareness and identity How men are socialized in our society The impact of the family of origin Grounding and relaxation techniques Communication Power, violence, and abuse Relationships Trauma and addiction Sexual identity Healthy sexuality What spirituality is

A Man's Workbook is for recording experiences during the program. It will help clients to reflect on and remember what they learn, think, and feel during the group sessions and as they continue to practice the skills of recovery between sessions.

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