Gay Men And Substance Abuse

A Basic Guide for Addicts and Those Who Care for Them - Softcover, 216 pp.
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Gay Men and Substance Abuse fills a tremendous void, serving as a valuable resource for gay men, professionals, concerned partners, friends, and family members in need of solid information and guidance. Whether faced with a traumatic coming out process, caught up in personal struggles with body image, engulfed in the club culture, or navigating a family system that does not accept his sexuality, a gay man struggling with substance abuse or addiction often faces cultural and personal challenges unique to his life experiences. Yet many men and their loved ones in search of help are forced to adjust to a traditional treatment system, or self-help groups that center on heterosexual relationships, and family groups that neglect to include partners or address what can be a uniquely challenging family dynamic. By exploring the social and psychological factors that play into homosexual men's addictions, nationally certified treatment counselor Michael Shelton presents a timely, comprehensive look at best practices in meeting the unique needs of gay men in recovery, offering keen insight on a range of issues, including -such common therapeutic approaches as motivational enhancement therapy and 12 Step strategies -successful relapse prevention protocols -tools for recovery from co-occurring sexual disorders -the importance of a loved one's role with regard to intervention and support -the complicated relationship between gay male drug use and sexual behavior -how to talk knowledgeably, and with care and sensitivity

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