Stilettos And Steel

The debut novel from writer and producer

Jeri Estes

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What does it take to be the toughest pimp in the Tenderloin?

The answer can be found in STILETTOS AND STEEL

Based on a true story, this exciting debut novel tells the story of a teenage runaway from a dreary Southern California suburb who decides to make her mark on the world her own way.

With nowhere to go, she lands in a seedy neighborhood run by dirty cops and ruthless gangsters. She briefly tries her hand at prostitution, but quickly promotes herself to management and never looks back.

That doesn't sit so well with the men who rule the Tenderloin. They are determined to run the new pretender off the block - and out of the city entirely. The only problem is, they didn't count on facing off with a whole gang of gorgeous hookers who won't be ordered around anymore.

Set in San Francisco during the 1960s, STILETTOS AND STEEL is filled with colorful characters like Bunny, an alluring platinum blonde with steel in her eyes and Little Rosie, a hot Latina mama whose passion steams up the pages. It has its share of ugly too, including Prince, a brutal six-foot-five, pock-marked pimp and his crew of sadists. And then there's Scope, a Special Ops assassin who affectionately caresses his rifle and never misses his mark. Yet they are no match for the city's latest runaway. She has the smarts and she has the cunning to give anyone a run for their money. You'd better get ready for a hard-paced ride through these mean streets.

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