Heroin 2nd Edition

Its History, Pharmacology & Treatment
Softcover, 304 pp.
Author: Humberto Fernandez
Author: Therissa A. Libby, Ph.D.
HZ 7988
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This updated and expanded second edition provides new research into heroin's effects on the brain, the changing attitudes and policies about methadone and medications, and the different approaches to treating heroin addicts. Included are studies of violence along the U.S.-Mexican border--which has put heroin trafficking in the spotlight--as well as a focus on how the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have made opium a valuable commodity and a major source of funds for terrorists. Animated with vivid personal stories and vignettes, Heroin puts a human face on the long and complex story behind this notorious drug.

Written for professionals and serious lay readers by nationally recognized experts, the books in The Library of Addictive Drugs series feature in-depth, comprehensive, and up-to-date information on the most commonly abused mood-altering substances

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